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Since 1893, the NSIA has been a thriving, active organization that plays a major role in irrigation matters for the State of Nebraska. First and foremost, the NSIA supports educational conferences, workshops, and meetings for members. In addition, the Association works with groups whose interests support irrigation activities in Nebraska. Underlying these activities is an agenda that seeks to further explore the need for effective irrigation project management.

A cornerstone of the Association’s activities focuses on broadening the collective knowledge about water management and related natural resources.

To that end, the NSIA became the force behind the development of the Nebraska Water Leaders Academy in 2009. A year-long program, the Academy provides training in the technical aspects of water plus a leadership track using proven concepts of leadership principles.

“We put a great deal of faith in Orton Management. From keeping abreast of the legislative changes that impact our industry as water well professionals, to finding viable solutions and leveraging technological advances, the Orton Team is the gold-standard.”

Tom Downey, President/CEO, Downey Drilling Inc.


The Nebraska Well Drillers Association has a long tradition in the groundwater industry in Nebraska. It was established over seventy-five years ago and nurtured by key industry leaders along with academicians from the University of Nebraska.

The NWDA has served the industry by providing technical training, new product exposure, idea sharing and fellowship among the members. The organization represents businesses and industries as well as technicians dealing with water well drilling, pump installation, manufacturing and the supplying of equipment and material for water well work.

The NWDA has also become a significant voice in legislative and regulatory affairs of the State of Nebraska.

“We have worked with the Orton Firm for over 20 years, from our inception, and have been impressed with the amount of knowledge and experience they have brought to the table on our behalf. Their level of commitment and willingness to share their knowledge and resources has contributed enormously to the success of our organization and the influence we have been able to develop within our industry.”

Tony Mendes, Founding Member and Past President, Nebraska Onsite Waste Water Association


The treatment of wastewater plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and safety of those who are using these special onsite systems. Septic tanks and drain fields become critical infrastructure especially in rural Nebraska. These systems need to function efficiently and effectively while implementing safety measures to protect the water and environment, in conjunction to supporting economic development.

The Nebraska On-site Waste Water Association (NOWWA) is comprised of board members representing every corner of the state. Board members’ input, knowledge, and experience ensure that health and safety is paramount to all Nebraskans, as well as being mindful and supportive of state rules and regulations that serve to protect the environment. NOWWA’s board and the Orton Management team work with local cities, villages and towns to educate the proper use of these systems, and also advocate for safety when working with state legislators.

“The Nebraska Water Leaders Academy expanded my understanding of our state’s diverse water resources and infrastructure.  It also introduced me to many people who share a passion for Nebraska water from various represented interests.  Learning together while sharing different points of reference was very impactful.  The program has changed my outlook on water resources sustainability in an ever-changing environment.  I have grown both as a person and a professional.”

Brad Dunbar, Aftermarket Manager at Lindsay Corporation


Since 2009, men and women from every corner of Nebraska have met in a year-long program to learn the principles of first-rate leadership and about the vital role of rivers, streams and aquifers in Nebraska. The mission of the Nebraska Water Leaders Academy is to provide learning opportunities that focus on cooperative approaches to solving Nebraska’s water issues.

The Nebraska Water Leaders Academy is supported through the Water Futures Partnership-Nebraska, a 501(c) (3) organization. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a partner in delivering sound program curriculum.

Consider this your invitation to join in a unique experience that will allow you to change and grow as a leader and progress in your knowledge of water and natural resource issues in Nebraska.

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